Electricity Load Assesment
As soon as our solar expert gets in touch with you, we immediately assess your electricity bill and your unit consumption to calculate the exact amount of electricity used on an average.

Solar Panel Placement Design
Then we conduct an ariel survey through drones and our state of the art software to design an efficient structure and placment to get maximum output.
Net Zero Package
Your Personalized solar panels! We provide you with the most suitable package according to your consumption through Electricity Load Assessment and placement design to quote you the most effective solar system plan according to your needs to bring your electricity bill down to “ZERO”!
Project Financing
Energy prices have been constantly on the rise as Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is majorly dependent on expensive & imported fossil fuels. We offer third party financing options allowing our partners to start saving from Day 1, without any upfront investment. At the end of the agreement period, the solar system is transferred to the customer who can then continue using it at no additional cost. Excess energy generated can also be sold to the grid under the Net Metering policy.
After conducting the onsite survey our team of proficient engineers and technicians start the free installation process as per your requirements
With over 7 years of experience in the solar industry, Solar Citizen is able to take advantage of a diverse network of experienced professionals and suppliers. This ensures that we employ the highest standards of engineering and construction practices, use the most robust and tested equipment that has gone through our in-house quality control compliances and provide the best in class customer service including lifetime project monitoring.
Customized System Manual
After the installation, we provide you with a personalized system manual customized according to your installed solar system providing you with all relevant instructions and Do’s and Don’t of your project.
Aftersales and warranty
We provide our customers with 25 years of warranty and 1 year of free aftersales service and maintenance. We do not compromise on our aftersales service as your panels are being monitored 24/7
24/7 Monitoring
Manage your solar system and home energy consumption from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring. Watch your consumption rise and fall in real-time, including historical usage.

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